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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

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Q. Is the application a legally binding contract?

A. The application and earnest money you submit simply HOLD a space for you in the room of your choice as long as spaces remain. It does not guarantee that space and is not a legally binding lease contract. You can choose to rescind your application for residency prior to signing a lease. Your initial $50 deposit will become non-refundable once your application is approved.

The only way to ensure you’ll be in the dorm and the room style of your choice to sign a lease, which is legally binding, but also risk-free if you follow our cancellation policy (next question)!

Q. What is your policy on canceling housing leases?

A. Our lease is a legally binding contract that secures your housing in the dorms at Lucky. If you’re set on attending school in Madison, there’s no reason to wait:

If you choose to attend a school that’s not in Madison, you will be released from your lease provided the following apply (when applying for the fall semester):

  • You notify us in writing before June 1, 2024.
  • You provide a copy of the denial or admittance to the other school.
  • You are not canceling your lease to change living arrangements in Madison. Your initial $50 deposit will remain non-refundable once your lease is signed.
  • New leases received after June 1, 2024, and spring semester leases cannot be canceled and cancellation requests or notifications received after June 1, 2024, cannot be honored.

Q. How do I pay my contract total?

A. There are multiple ways to pay the monthly installments. Most families choose recurring automatic deduction from their bank account. Other methods, such as checks and credit/debit cards, are also accepted.

ONLINE: You can pay online for FREE right from your savings or checking account using the Online Resident Portal. Choose from one-time payments or automatic recurring payments. You can also make a one-time payment using a credit or debit card (there is a nominal third party convenience fee for card payments).

BY MAIL: Mail your check, money order, or certified check (payable to SBA Management) to our main office at 120 W. Gorham St., Madison WI 53703. Please do not mail cash. If your checks do not have your rental address on them, please add it to the memo line. Remember, your check needs to arrive on or before rent day so please allow time for the mailing process!

IN PERSON: Drop your check, money order, or certified check off at any of our office locations. Credit cards are also accepted, however, there is a third party convenience fee for all credit card payments.

Q. What happens to my $50 deposit?

A. It becomes part of your total $300 security deposit. The remaining $250 is due on or before June 1 (when applying for the fall semester).

Q. When are housing payments due?

A. The total contract price will be paid in nine equal installment payments when moving in at the fall semester and four installments when moving in at the spring semester; each is due on the first of the month. Your first installment payment is due on August 1 for the fall semester (January 1 for the spring semester). You will make one payment on or before the first of the month for each subsequent month. Your last payment will be made on April 1.

  • Security Deposit: June 1
  • First Installment: August 1
  • Subsequent Installments: September 1-March 1
  • Final Installment: April 1

Q. Are any utilities included in the price?

A. Yes. Heat, electric, furniture, unlimited laundry, and high-speed wired Internet are included for a flat $80/mo. Facilities Fee.

Q. Do I need insurance coverage?

A. Yes. Your personal property is not covered under your contract terms. For your benefit, we do require the purchase of renters insurance or that you obtain coverage through your parents’ homeowner’s policy. It’s not expensive and is well worth its value.

Each resident needs to maintain a renters insurance policy, with a minimum limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage of $100,000, throughout the term of their lease. We also require that you name SBA Management Services as an “Additional Interested Party” on the policy.

If you don’t have a preferred insurance provider you’re encouraged to consider Resident Insure. All of our properties are pre-approved for coverage so you can sign up in less than five minutes. Click here to get started:

Per our contract agreement, all residents without renters insurance on their move-in day will be placed on our master insurance policy for a nominal monthly fee. Please note the master policy DOES NOT cover your personal items, only damages to the building. Once we have proof of independent coverage, we’ll remove you from the master policy.

Q. Where Will I Eat?

A. Your room is part of a full apartment that includes a full kitchen, which gives you tons of options! Stock your kitchen at Fresh Market, which is connected to Lucky through a secret passage, and make your own meals, sign up for a Red Card Meal Plan and enjoy local restaurants and food deliveries, or sign up for the dining options offered by UW-Madison, either through Housing or the Wisconsin Union. There are no meal plan requirements at Dorm@Lucky. Learn more here: Madison Campus Dining Options

Q. What happens if there are roommate conflicts?

A.We’ll do everything we can to help. Our Resident Assistants are trained to work through roommate issues and roommates develop household contracts during their first weeks together, which we find helps alleviate many conflicts. Most residents find our roommate matching process works exceedingly well for them.

Q. When do I move in and when do I move out?

A. Most students will choose to move-in early on August 23, 2024. This is a great opportunity to get used to your campus before you have to hit the books! There is a nominal programming fee for early move-in. The standard move-in date will be August 30, 2024. Move out day is May 12th, 2025.

Q. How do I sign up for Early Move-In?

A. You can sign up for early move in when you apply or by completing the form on the page linked here.

Q. Where do we go on move-in day and when do we arrive?

More specific details about living at Dorm@Lucky and move in planning can be found in our Move-In Guide – Click Here! 

Q. What household items do I need to bring?

A. You’ll want to bring basic kitchen utensils, small appliances, dishes, shower curtains (extra long), towels, regular length sheets, trash cans, toilet paper, paper towels, dishcloths, dishwasher detergent, soap, cleaning supplies, and other basics.

Q. What’s Included?

Sofa, slipper chair, coffee table, end table, writing desk, and chair, regular length single bed in double rooms (single beds are designed for easy bunking) and double beds in all single rooms, bedroom closet organizers with drawers, window coverings, refrigerator, quick-cook oven and range top or range with microwave, dishwasher, bathroom vanity and mirror, and tub or shower stall.

Q. Do I have to leave during campus breaks?

A. No. You can remain in the building and in your unit, during the entire lease term. This includes winter and spring break.

Q. Will I have access to my school’s libraries, unions, cafeterias, and health services if I live in a private hall?

A. Absolutely! Regardless of where students live, they still have access to all services their college or university offers.

Q. Is it safe to live in a Private Residence Hall?

A. We take every precaution to provide a well-maintained and well-monitored environment. We use cameras, 24-hour front desks, and doors with after-hours locks. We also screen all employees, hire private security, and we have 24/7 Resident Assistants and Maintenance Technicians on call. When there are major events downtown or on-campus we often also hire private security.

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