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Nervous About Who Your New Roommate Will Be?

That’s exactly why we designed our match program to find a roomie that fits your style.

Everything you need comes together right here: the campus, our dorm communities, and our social support programs. And if you’re worried about getting along with a new roommate, don’t. Our match-by-hand process has consistently gotten good grades from hundreds of past freshmen.

  • No Computer Matches. Our Resident Directors (leaders of the ResLife team) will review your survey and match you with a roommate by hand.
  • It’s Worth It. This approach to finding you a good roommate requires more work on our part, but the results are worth the extra effort (just like college and life).
  • Prefer to pick your own roommates? No problem! Simply tell us who you want to live with and we’ll make sure you’re placed in the same room (assuming all parties are on board!).
"I was super hesitant before meeting my roommates, but the [roommate matching] process works and it’s very detailed. Give everyone a chance and you never know what will happen!”

— Kieran M., Dorm@Lucky Resident