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Sign up for Early Move-In!

About 85% of Dorm@Lucky residents choose to arrive early

Need a few extra days to get familiar with campus life? We offer tons of events for early birds looking to get a jump start on meeting friends and getting used to the campus before Day One of school.

  • Find your classes and buy your books first – be ready when classes start
  • Meet your new roomies and start making new friends right away
  • Take part in all of the exciting Welcome Week events offered by Dorm@Lucky and UW-Madison

To sign up for our Early Move-In Program (usually 5-6 days prior to standard move-in) simply fill out the required fields below and then click “Sign Me Up”. The $300 enrollment fee will be added to your account and is due prior to moving in.


Last Year's Early Move In Schedule

The plan changes every year, but here is what we did last year!

An image of the schedule in calendar format

Early Move In Sign Up