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2023-24 Online Application Form

If You're Set on Coming to Madison, There's No Reason To Wait. Complete Your Risk-Free Contract Today!

Make sure to also sign up for Early Move-In when you complete your application. You can find your classes and buy your books early and take part in all of the exciting Welcome Week events. About 85% of your neighbors will choose to arrive on 8/28/23 instead of 9/3/23. Come early and be ready when classes start!

Cancellation Policy

Applying and Signing Your Lease is Risk Free

If you choose to attend a school that’s not in Madison, you will be released from your obligation provided the following apply:

  • You notify us in writing before June 1, 2023.
  • You provide a copy of the denial or admittance to the other school.
  • You are not canceling your lease to change living arrangements in Madison.