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Madison Campus Dining Options for Dorm@Lucky

When it comes to Madison Campus area dining as a first-year college student, Dorm@Lucky ensures you have total control without fending for yourself. We don’t require a meal plan and offer these three options, which let you decide what you’ll eat and when:

Your Kitchen

Stock your kitchen for the most savings and the most control. Eating at home is an excellent option if you’re vegan, gluten-free, or simply want to control the ingredients in your food. If you’re worried about paying for groceries, plan to get set up with a Red Card Meal Plan, which can be used at Fresh Madison Market. Fresh is a full grocery store with a deli, produce section, hot bar, sushi bar, and bakery. It is located right next door to Lucky. (Ask our concierge staff to show you the secret passage from our lobby to Fresh!)

Campus Dining

You’ll likely spend a lot of your time on campus between classes and studying, so it’s nice to have on-campus dining options too. UW-Madison offers dozens of top-quality and varied dining options throughout the campus area. Both the Wisconsin Union and University Housing dining facilities are a la carte (no meal plans required) and are open to anyone, regardless of where they choose to live. Discounts apply for enrolled students, and you can use your Wis-Card to pay!

Red Card Meal Plan

Sign up for a Red Card Meal Plan if you want a DIY meal plan that includes a grocery store and your favorite restaurants, like Chipotle, Noodles, Quiznos, and Starbucks. You or your folks can load your Red Card each semester and use it to pay for carry-out, delivery, dine-in, or groceries. There are no fees, you can’t use it to buy alcohol or tobacco, and you can save money with exclusive discounts! Learn more here:

With these three options, your biggest problem will be the age-old problem of deciding what’s for dinner, not how to get dinner!


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